Philanthropic Outreach Program

When we sell a TerrainHopper to a customer, we are helping one individual overcome their inability to participate in outdoor activities with their friends and family.  We create happy customers as they venture outdoors with their new found freedom and flexibility to explore places both new and old.

On the other hand, our “philanthropic program” provides the opportunity for individuals or foundations to donate one or more TerrainHoppers to a qualified 501(C)(3) tax exempt organization, such as Paralyzed Veterans of America, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Barrow’s Neurological Foundation, Local Children’s Hospitals, and many other disability service organizations. These tax deductible donations are self-directed by YOU, the donor, reflecting your values, interests and concerns.

These charitable organizations can use the TerrainHopper as a tool assisting clients with their recovery and rehabilitation; Or as part of their “loan closet”, where they provide for the use of TerrainHoppers to their full membership.

We do all the work. We will identify and coordinate with the charity, making sure they have the need, resources (like storage space), and the appropriate community to serve. You provide the economic resources for one (or more) TerrainHoppers to impact the mobility of many individuals. One TerrainHopper can impact and make a difference in the lives of many families over the course of years.

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Corporate Sponsored TerrainHopper

Perhaps you have an employee that is mobility challenged. Perhaps you have an event and need a vehicle for logistics while promoting your product, service or company. Our all electric TerrainHopper can serve as an effective mode of transportation for the mobility challenged, all the while showcasing your Company’s logo and style.

With our corporate sponsor program, we can customize and build a TerrainHopper incorporating your company’s unique logo, design and color scheme. You could use them at both indoor and outdoor trade show venues, inside or internal mail room or other light duty delivery vehicles, or in other promotional ways. Or you can supply an employee with a mobility challenge, the ability to participate in outdoor activities with other employees during corporate functions and retreats.

A Company-themed TerrainHopper can showcase your Corporate uniqueness and compassion, while creating a “buzz” around this cool and amazing mobility vehicle.

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