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At TerrainHopper USA, we custom build your all-terrain chair to meet your needs. With many customization options available, we help you create the ultimate all-terrain mobility vehicle that’s engineered to drive through snow, rocks, steep hills, deep mud, sand, snow, and other rough terrain and environments. This versatile mobility vehicle is ideal for adaptive hiking and fishing, driving though tough terrain, and independently spending quality time outdoors. We offer many different customization options such as waterproofing, joystick controls, manual rotating seats, harness options, and many more features tailored to your specific needs.

With the help of innovative technology, we provide the ultimate off-road mobility vehicle, which is considered an Other Power-Driven Mobility Device (OPDMD) by the U.S. Justice Department. This means a mobility-impaired person can use it wherever a pedestrian is allowed. These areas can include sidewalks, public beaches, hiking trails, and even state and national parks. We take pride in helping others become more independent in outdoor areas throughout the United States. Whether you’re looking for a way to explore areas that were previously inaccessible or you simply want to enjoy outdoor activities such as going to the beach, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer countless options to build your own off-road wheelchair, and we’ll work closely with you to determine the best fit for your specific needs.

Our mobility vehicles are made for anyone who has issues getting around. They’re ideal for someone who wants to participate in outdoor activities with their family and friends. See the many different customization options available and fill out the form below to build your own off-road chair with various customization and personalization options.

Simply fill out our form below, and a TerrainHopper team member will get back to you shortly.

Build Your Own
**range varies based on speed selection, user weight and terrain type
***Increases total width by 8 inches (only available on the extended chassis)


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My deep research into outdoor mobility options showed me that for outdoor mobility the TerrainHopper is the pinnacle. Definitely the absolute best choice."

— Cliff, California

"TerrainHopper is the pinnacle..."

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I now have a way of seeing the world and traveling that I thought I would never have again. I absolutely love my TerrainHopper!

— Karen, Georgia

"I absolutely love my TerrainHopper!..."

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I use my TerrainHopper once or twice a day. I have been everywhere, through mud water above my ankles, soft sand, steep hills, and rocks, including National Parks here in the US. Places I gave up going years ago. I have never gotten stuck. There is no other mobility vehicle like it in the world. Trust me I have looked. The joy of my found freedom with my TerrainHopper is Priceless.

— Frank, May 2017

"There is no other mobility vehicle like it in the world..."

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To say that Isla loves her TerrainHopper Mini is an understatement! It has given her (and our family) a new lease on life. The joy she experiences with her newfound freedom and independence on our property makes my heart swell. She can drive herself up the hill to grandma's house, and play alongside her brother safely and independently. We can now envision family outings to the beach, camping and hiking in a whole new light. The terrain hopper will grow with her, and will positively impact her future.

— Jill, May 2016

"The joy she experiences with her newfound freedom and independence...makes my heart swell."

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My son was given a gift that will change his life forever. One that will allow him to navigate the rocky road of life…one that will allow our entire family to explore as a family rather than consistently be a family divided as we found quickly, that mud, sand, streams, water and snow would stop us in a heartbeat and there was no level of creativity that could help us power through it.” Today his unstoppable adventure begins.

— Cori, January 2019

"My son was given a gift that will change his life forever..."